Wild Rubies Slot

Wild Rubies Slot by Bally Wulff is a 5-reel, 3-row, 10-payline slot based on one of the most popular themes ever: Fruits! With five wild symbols on a payline, you are assured of the top prize of up to €4,000.

Wild Rubies has a sweet, purple-pink background and slightly darker, brownish-colored reels. The bar and the Lucky 7 are represented and bells, watermelons, grapes, oranges, plums, lemons, and cherries in terms of symbol selection. The sound effects are standard on usual spins but increase on a win. The graphics won’t win any prizes but fit well with the classic look of the game.

Stakes vary from €0.10 to €20 on Wild Rubies, while the theoretical payout to the player (RTP) is 96.16%.

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Wild Rapa Nui Slot

Wild Rapa Nui Slot thematically deals with the Polynesian Easter Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Bally Wulff has hidden 2,500,000 coins in this mysterious place on five reels, three rows, and up to 30 selectable paylines.

The setting in Wild Rapa Nui is a wildland shaped by volcanoes’ fire and covered with lush green meadows that meet the blue ocean on the coast. As a nature lover, you’ll especially appreciate the symbols, as there’s a penguin, a turtle, a hummingbird, and a painted egg at medium to high levels, as well as K, Q, J, and A as poker representatives below them. As the reels spin, a Polynesian melody plays in the background, complemented by sound effects on wins and unlocked features.

Wild Rapa Nui slot can be played with bets between €0.50 and €15.

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Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Slot

Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn by Bally Wulff is a 5-reel and 10-payline slot based on the well-known story by Mark Twain from 1884 around the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The game naturally features the likable protagonist, and the action mainly revolves around the scene where the fence is painted. This slot’s special feature is the wild symbol and a free spins mode with an extra random symbol. The top prize per line is €5,000.

Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn’s symbols include the two boys, the fence, paint buckets, apples, corn, and a pipe. The traditional poker characters also make an appearance. The music at the beginning of the game sets the mood well, but the sound effects are unfortunately just standard and nothing special.

You can play the Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn slot with stakes between €0.10 and €50. Bally Wulff states the theoretical payout to the player (RTP) as 96.40%.

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Thor’s Hammer Slot

This slot is ruled by Thor, the god of thunder, who plays a vital role in Norse mythology and is almost unbeatable with his mighty Hammer. On five reels, four rows, and either 20 or 40 paylines, you can clear up to €3,000 per payline in Bally Wulff’s Thor’s Hammer!

Thor’s Hammer makes direct use of the Norse world of gods for its symbols, with Thor as the top symbol. That is followed by a goddess, a Viking ship, a bird, a helmet, and a horn. The four lowest symbols are the poker signs. An artistic pattern of Norse symbols can be seen on the reels, and the graphics also make a good impression when viewed as a whole. In keeping with the Thunder God, a drum march sounds when the reels are driven. The thematic sound effects make the game even more exciting and increase the anticipation.

Thor’s Hammer slot has a theoretical payout to the player (RTP) of 96.09%, and your bet can be determined between €0.15 and €150.

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The Shaman King Slot

The Shaman King Slot by Bally Wulff deals with the mysterious practice of voodoo, and the shaman himself helps you with his magic power to get the top prize of €4,000 per payline. But don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice anything or anyone to do it. There are also Wild Substitutions and Free Spins with Sticky Wilds to discover in the 5-reel, 10-payline slot.

The symbols include the shaman, a woman with a skull, a voodoo doll, drums, a mask, and the classic poker hands at the bottom. The music has something magical and contributes well to the theme, but the sound effects are nothing more than standard.

You can play The Shaman King with bets between €0.010 and €20. The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) for this game is 96.39%.

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The Land of Heroes Slot

Bally Wulff launches The Land of Heroes Slot, a 5-reel and 3-row slot where you can activate up to 20 paylines. The game also offers you the chance to win up to €5,000 per active payline.

Graphically, The Land of Heroes awaits you with a picturesque mountain landscape, which is interspersed with green meadows and stately trees. However, a cool breeze is already blowing through the valley and announces the winter. The icons, just like the background, are lovingly designed and true to detail. There is no lack of colors either. The imagery includes an older man and a girl, followed by a crow and three other symbols: a sword, a shield, and an instrument. Below are just the classic poker symbols. The reels are greenish and are set against the wooded rocky landscape. When they start moving, the magical melody sounds perfectly match the graphics and complement thematic sound effects during wins or features.

The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) for The Land of Heroes is stated at 96.17%. The bet is freely selectable between €0.10 and €100.

The Land of Heroes slot has a wild symbol in the older man’s form, which can appear on any reel and substitute for any other symbol except for the magic mill as a scatter. If this mysterious device appears 3, 4, or 5 times anywhere, you will win €200, €1,000, or even €5,000 and can enjoy seven free spins on top of that. In free spins mode, up to four additional symbols also become Wilds. The feature can also be retriggered if it is already active. Last but not least, there is also a Gamble feature that helps you increase your winnings. You can choose between the Card or Ladder Gamble feature.

Land of Heroes is also available in a mobile version so that you can play the slot online via your smartphone or tablet at any time.

Wild symbol: The older man is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols in the game except the scatter.

Scatter symbol: The mill is the scatter symbol and can appear on any reel. If it does so 3, 4, or 5 times, you win €200, €1,000, or €5,000, respectively.

Free spins: 3, 4, or 5 scatters trigger the seven free spins mode, during which up to four more symbols turn into wilds.

Gamble option: after a successful spin in the base mode, you have a chance to increase your winnings with the two gamble features.

Bonus games: none

Texas Tycoon Slot

Bally’s Texas Tycoon Slot is a 5-reel slot with 5 or 10 variable paylines and a maximum jackpot of €5,000 per line. The exciting game will have you pumping for oil in the ground and standing at the top along with the Tycoon.

The graphics in this game include the poker symbols at the lower end of the paytable, but they quickly rise to symbols that relate to wealth and at the top of the table there is the Tycoon. The symbols are clearly and colorfully drawn, and the graphics of the game fit the theme quite nicely. The music and sound effects are a little better than average, but unfortunately, the music gets repetitive after a short while, so I turned it off.

The wagers in the Texas Tycoon slot range from €0.05 to a maximum of €50, and the theoretical payback to the players is 95.95%, which is quite useful for an online slot.

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Take 5 Slot

Gamomat slot Take 5 comes in a traditional design and reminds in this form of yesteryear’s first slot machines. The game takes place on three reels and has five fixed paylines. The top win is a proud €10,000 at the highest bet.

The symbols in Take 5 include the red Lucky 7, bells, stars, plums, oranges, lemons, cherries, and diamonds. The most lucrative symbol is the red 7. If you can get it in three times as part of a payline, the €10,000 is yours. The musical background in the Take 5 slot is average and reminds of the devices’ sound in gambling cities like Las Vegas. So, in this respect, there is nothing special to report. Generally speaking, Take 5 is preferably something for gamblers who value clarity and don’t need unnecessary bells, whistles, or great pictures.

You can play the five paylines with coin values between €0.01 and €10, which corresponds to a minimum bet of €0.05 per spin. At the maximum, you can increase your chance to €50. The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) is stated at 96.1% for Take 5.

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Super Duper Cherry Slot

Super Duper Cherry Slot is a classic slot machine from the manufacturer Gamomat. You can expect a cult fruit slot with five reels and 20 selectable paylines. Super Duper Cherry also has a jackpot of €25,000 as an absolute gaming bonus if you bet with the maximum stake.

Super Duper Cherry’s symbols include the red Lucky 7 and the bells in the higher segment, while further down, various fruits are up to their mischief: Melons, grapes, oranges, lemons, and cherries are on the way. The background music is subtle but lovely to listen to. The sound effects fully correspond to the standard noise level in an arcade. In any case, Super Duper Cherry doesn’t directly impress about its appearance or acoustics in the overall picture.

It is up to you whether you want to play Super Duper Cherry slot with 5, 10, or 20 paylines. In terms of coin values, amounts between €0.01 and €5 apply. To maximize your chances of winning, we recommend that you play with the maximum number of paylines. The minimum bet per spin is €0.05 for five active paylines and €0.20 for the full number of paylines. You can increase the amount of your chance up to the maximum value of €100. The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) is 96.1%.

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Sticky Diamonds Slot

The popular theme of fruits, bells, and sevens is also used in Sticky Diamonds Slot by Bally, but there is a lightning bolt that makes the game especially exciting with its five reels and ten fixed paylines. The slot offers you the chance to win up to €4000 on one game line!

The symbols in the game are large and designed with bold colors and no animation. The sound effects and music are quite average for this type of slot.

Sticky Diamonds can be played with bets ranging from €0.10 to a maximum of €20 on the ten fixed paylines. The theoretical payback to the players is 96.08%.

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Savanna Moon Slot

Bally Wulff Slot takes you on a safari through the African continent’s steppe landscape, which is bursting with wild animals, dreamlike nature, and huge prizes with a bit of luck. The game goes by the name Savanna Moon and is played on 5-reels, 3-rows, and up to 10 paylines. The top prize is €5,000 per active payline.

The top symbols, apart from the wild symbol, are the lion and the elephant. These two giants of the savannah could give your wallet a decent boost. There is also a massive tree, two native flowering plants, and the poker symbols A, K, Q, J, and 10 and 9 at the very bottom. Unfortunately, the sound effects have nothing to do with the theme and are standard.

The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) for Savanna Moon is 96.13%, and bets range from €0.05 to €5.

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Roman Legion Slot

Based on the ancient Roman Empire’s famous theme, Bally’s Roman Legion slot offers an exciting gaming experience. This 5-reel, the 5-payline slot, offers you an ultimate win of up to €5000 per line!

The graphics are quite simple and have relatively little animation. There are the standard poker symbols at the bottom of the paytable, followed by gold coins and a symbolic golden bird in the middle. At the top end, there is the Roman banner and a soldier. The sound effects and music are quite average in this game.

The betting stakes in Roman Legion start at €0.05 and can be raised to a maximum of €10. The theoretical payback to the players is 96.16%.

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Ramses Book RHFP Slot

Ramses Book RHFP comes from Gamomat and makes use of perennial favorite Egypt. The focus is clearly on one of the most famous pharaohs of all: Ramses. You can expect five reels, three rows, and up to 10 selectable paylines on which prizes of up to €50,000 lie dormant in Ramses Book RHFP.

The game has classic symbols like Ramses himself, a stone tablet with hieroglyphics, a cat statue for the goddess Bastet, a bird statue for the god Horus and a flower, all of which are the higher-ranking symbols. Below that, only poker colors cavort. Unlike the perfectly matching images, the manufacturers have unfortunately skimped on the sound effects.

You can play Ramses Book RHFP slot with different stakes ranging from €0.05 to €101.

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Ramses Book Slot

Ramses Book Slot is named after the most powerful Egyptian pharaoh, and Bally presents you with this fantastic five reel, five payline games where you have the chance to win up to €10,000 on one play line!

Ramses Book’s symbols start at the bottom with the familiar playing card symbols of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades and rise to colorful flowers, a falcon, cat statues, an obelisk, and the very top of the book and Pharaoh Ramses. The graphics are beautiful 2D images, and there is also a bit of animation. In the standard game rounds, the sound effects and music are average, but there is also a piece of fitting Egyptian style music when the free spins start.

You can play the game with bets ranging from €0.05 to a maximum of €10 on the five fixed paylines. The theoretical payback to the players is 96.15%.

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Queen of the North Slot

Queen of the North by Bally comes straight from the north’s icy realm and offers you a maximum jackpot of €10,000 on a payline, which you can win on five reels and five fixed paylines if you meet. The ice queen!

The graphics on Queen of the North are pretty average, starting at the bottom with the poker symbols that rise to scythes, berries, a ring, a white owl, and a stag. The symbols are unfortunately quite poorly animated and somewhat two-dimensional. The music and sound effects are above average, but they still don’t fit the theme.

The betting stakes in the Queen of the North slot range from €0.10 to a maximum of €20, and the theoretical payback to the players is 96.09%.

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Pharao’s Riches Slot

Riches by Bally Wulff takes you into the underground tombs of the ancient pharaohs, who were buried along with their riches so they wouldn’t be penniless in the afterlife. Explore the catacombs along with their treasure trove while mining up to €500 per payline when you play this 5-reel and 3-row slot with its up to 30 paylines.

Imagine yourself inside an Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb. What would you expect to find? Perhaps a sarcophagus or a scarab along with a magnificent ruby? Or maybe a golden ankh symbol and a ring with a scarab shape and a red gemstone? And indeed, all these symbols can be found in Pharaoh’s Riches. They are only complimented by the poker symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A. The game has some good graphics and recognizable images. Of course, this also includes good music and good sound effects, and lo and behold. Everything has been thought. Of course, the music also sounds a bit Egyptian.

The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) for Pharaoh’s Riches is given as 96.10%, and you set your bet between €0.10 and €15.

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Phantom’s Mirror Slot

Bally Wulff releases Phantom’s Mirror, a rather unconventional slot based on Gaston Leroux’s “The Phantom of the Opera.” The game has five reels, three rows, and 10 or 20 paylines depending on your choice, on which the maximum win is €5,000.

Behind the opera’s red velvet curtains, which represent the reels, you can see the balconies in the background, from which the illustrious audience can watch the action on stage. As for the symbols, the young singer and lover of the Phantom, Christine Daaé, is, of course, a permanent fixture. But also the opera building, a rose, and a scorpion are represented in the middle area. At the bottom, there are only 9 and 10, as well as the letters J, Q, J, and K. When the reels start moving. They are accompanied by a pretty sound that ends when they find their final position. The whole thing is supported by one or two suitable sound effects.

Phantom’s Mirror has a theoretical payout to the player (RTP) of 96.12%, and the betting stakes vary between €0.20 and €40.

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Persian Dreams Slot

Persian Dreams Slot is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with five fixed paylines from Bally Wulff. It is based on the theme of oriental beauty and promises top wins of up to €10,000 per payline.

The graphics in Persian Dreams are perfect and atmospheric. The background invites you to dream with a red evening sky lowering palm trees in the last sunlight. The reels, on the other hand, are velvety blue. The top symbol is the pretty Persian woman, followed by a wild cat, a golden bangle, and a magic lamp. Below that, there are only 10, J, Q, K, and A as the typical poker symbols. When the reels spin, and unfortunately, only a traditional melody is heard. The same goes for the sound effects that kick in when paylines or features are successful.

Persian Dreams Slot the theoretical payout to the player (RTP) at 96.18%. The game is played with stakes between €0.10 and €10.

Persian Dreams slot has a wild symbol in the form of a mysterious book, which can substitute for all other symbols when it appears on the reels. The book is also the scatter in this game and must appear 3, 4, or 5 times anywhere for you to win €20, €200, or €2,000. Also, at least three will trigger the free spins mode with ten free spins. At the beginning of this game mode, a bonus symbol is randomly determined. If you can banish at least two of these bonus symbols on any reels, they will be stacked, increasing your chances of a lucrative winning combo. To get even more free spins, the free spins feature can also be activated again. Persian Dreams also has a gamble feature that will help you clear even higher if you are a bit of a risk taker.

Unfortunately, the game is only available in the desktop version, so you can’t play on the go yet.

Wild symbol: The book is the wild symbol and can substitute for any other symbol in this feature.

Scatter symbol: In its dual role as wild and scatter, the mysterious book also provides direct wins of up to €20, €200, or €2,000.

Free Spins: 3 scatters activate ten free spins where you have a chance to win stacked bonus symbols.

Gamble option: the optional Card or Ladder Gamble feature is your chance to double your winnings if you are successful in the base mode.

Bonus games: none

Old Fisherman Slot

Old Fisherman Slot by Bally Wulff throws the stormy sea at you, which you must brave together with an old fisherman to recover their treasures. The slot’s symbols include a shark, the fisherman, a boat, and other things you find on a boat. But the classic poker symbols are also represented. The music is wild and stormy, just like the sea, reminding you of a blockbuster amidst the oceans. The jackpot per payline is up to €5,000. You have the opportunity to do so on five reels and either 10 or 20 paylines.

You can play Old Fisherman with either 10 or 20 paylines, betting coin values between €0.01 and €5. The minimum bet per spin is, therefore, €0.10 and can reach up to €100. The manufacturer states the theoretical payout to the player (RTP) as 96.11% or 96.07%, depending on the selected paylines.

The most important symbol in Old Fisherman is the wild symbol in the form of the fisherman himself. It substitutes for all other symbols to create winning combinations. The only exception is the scatter symbol. That is embodied by the shark and rewards you with an extra win even if it appears twice. 3, 4, or 5 scatters, on the other hand, also trigger 5, 6, or 7 free spins, during which the remaining symbols can appear as large blocks. The free spins can be activated up to 140 times in a row if they are already running. If you haven’t had enough yet, there are also two gamble features waiting for you after a win. The Card Gamble doubles your winnings, while the Ladder Gamble promises a bigger catch overall.

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Night Wolves Slot

In Bally Wulff’s new Night Wolves slot, the wild rules, and following its call, you’ll play for a top prize of up to €1,500 per active payline on five reels, three rows, and between 10 to 30 selectable paylines.

Night Wolves slot features many pretty illustrations of various animals and plants, including a howling wolf head, a full size wolf, a deer, mushrooms, pine cones, and a paw print. There are also four poker symbols at the bottom of the paytable. In the background, the full moon shines down on the forest. That is exactly how one imagines the North American wilderness. This image is accompanied by the pleasant melody and a flute’s sound, which give the whole thing an almost Indian touch. If you listen very carefully, you can even hear birds chirping.

The theoretical payout to the player (RTP) in Night Wolves is 96.11% and is played with bets between €0.10 and €15.

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